The student will be learning keyboard directly at institute in Chennai or teachers home.They will be learning all swaravali varisais,Keerthanais,Bhajans in keyboard

This is an offline course where you get to learn Veena in all levels from our experienced teachers

These programs are run across various centers currently in Chennai with a predefined syllabus. It is aimed at kids between the ages of 4 - 8 years. They will attend the classes with their mothers. 

It follows an activity-based learning model. In addition to singing, kids will participate in a no. of music related quizzes, activities and games.

These will follow a pattern similar to the Online Certification Program. Classes will be held in batches in various centers.
We offer school programs, which will focus on developing the musical intelligence of kids through a no. of musical educational games.
We offer Corporate team-building musical games including icebreaker events, motivational games and lots more.